The PSDS Management Advisory Panel

The Physical Sciences Data-science Service has a Management Advisory Panel. This is a group of leading experts from the across the physical science domain who advise on the direction of the service, how the service could develop in the future and how it could better serve the needs of the UK Physical Science community.

The MAP is currently comprised of the following members:

  • Ann Chippindale (University of Reading - Inorganic Materials)
  • Claire Adjiman (Imperial College - Chemical Engineering)
  • Stewart Clark (Durham University - Physics Materials)
  • Jez Cope (British Library - Information Science)
  • Jennifer Hiscock (University of Kent - Supramolecular Chemistry)
  • Christopher Race (Royce, University of Manchester - Materials Modelling)
  • Blair Johnston (University of Strathclyde - Pharmaceutical Modelling) 
  • Talit Ghaffar (EPSRC)

In addition to our non-executive directors:

  • Jacqui Cole (STFC / University of Cambridge)
  • Richard Whitby (University of Southampton)