Terms and Conditions of Use

Access Conditions

The Website and open resources on the site are freely available. However, access to licenced resources are restricted to valid users under the terms of the licence. These licence conditions may vary between resources, but in general access is restricted to academic purposes within this UK. Thus access is granted to staff and students of UK academic institutions for the purposes of teaching and non-commercial research.

The Service may also allow access to users from other public-sector institutions (e.g. schools, defence research institutes, museums) for academic research purposes. Please contact the service for more details.

Licence Enforcement

The Service will seek to enforce the conditions of licencors. This may be undertaken by one of several means:

  1. by determining that the user agent has an IP address from within the UK academic community (e.g. within the .ac.uk domain).
  2. by requiring user registration and login, confirmed via a current valid UK academic email address.
  3. by redirecting a login to a user's home institution within the UK Access Federation


The PSDS reserves the right to deny access to users found to be in contravention of licence conditions, by for example, not being a current valid academic user, accessing data for non-academic purposes (e.g. for resale or for commercial product development) or for bulk-downloading of licenced data.

Privacy and Data Protection

The PSDS has a data protection policy, in conformance with the General Data Protection Regulations. For further details see the PSDS Data Protection Policy.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies placed within your browser to support the service.

We only use cookies for personalisation of the service to the user, for monitoring use of the service, for the gathering of performance statistics, and for improving the functionality and value of the Service.

We will not use cookies for advertising or marketing purposes. Any external cookies used will be use only for the above purposes (e.g. Google Analytics).