FAQ - Changes to user authentication on PSDS

Changes have been made to the access methods on the PSDS website which may affect you.

Why are the access methods being changed?

Access to PSDS resources via your university network without a user account is a legacy access method that was retained to enable an easy transition from the previous service. This access method, which relies on IP address authentication, allowed access from any university network without further verification of the user.

However, since the introduction of institutional sign in to the PSDS server through shibboleth, account registration is very straightforward and IP authentication is now being removed as a tightening of our security access controls.

How do I now access resources?

You can access all of our resources from the homepage, the only difference is that you will now need to be logged in to a PSDS account. This is the same way that you would access PSDS resources from an off-campus network currently. The easiest way to log in to PSDS is to use the institutional sign in through shibboleth, which will require entry of a few details in a sign up form on the first access. If you are unable to use this route you can register for a username / password account which we will activate if you meet our eligibility criteria.

Screenshot of the PSDS login page highlighting the shibboleth login on the lefthand side


What happens if I can’t log in or remember my password?

If you cannot remember your password you can use the ‘Reset your password’ tab on the login page to receive a one time login link and reset your password. If you enter the incorrect password you will be prompted to reset your password.

If you log in via the password reset but can’t find anywhere to reset your password, your account is most likely set-up to use institutional login via shibboleth. Please try to login via your institution on the log in page. If this directs you to the account setup page then please contact support@psds.ac.uk. Once you have set up institutional login you can no longer use the username and password login method.

Why do I receive an Access Denied error when logging in via my institution?

You may receive an Access Denied error for one of the following reasons:

  • You attempted to log in with an account which is not associated with a UK academic institution.
  • You are not registered with your institution as a member, staff, student or employee.

We reject other affiliations in accordance with our licencing agreement and the UK Access Management Federation’s Technical Recommendation for participants: https://docs.ukfederation.org.uk/trp/TRP-1.5.pdf
If you believe you were wrongly denied access, please contact us at support@psds.ac.uk, and let us know which institution you attempted to log in with. Instead of signing in with your institution, you can instead register for a PSDS account.

Why doesn’t my institution appear in the dropdown list?

This means your institution is not registered with the UK Access Management Federation, you can register for a PSDS account instead. Please contact your institution if you wish to enquire about this.

Logging in via my institution results in incorrect information about myself being saved to my account.

On your first login through your institution you will have to provide a few detail in a sign-up form. If this form is populated with incorrect details this means your institution does not have the correct information saved about you in your record. You will need to contact them to get your details updated. Once your institution has updated your details, the next time you log in they should be updated on the PSDS site.