Introduction to the Physical Sciences Data-science Service

The PSDS is an EPSRC-funded National Research Facility provided by the University of Southampton, and Science and Technology Facilities Council. Its purpose is to provide a common access point to data resources within the Physical Sciences to all staff, students and other members of UK academic institutions. By providing a common point of access, free at the point of use, the service aims to provide benefit to the research community by maximising the use of resources via common acedemic licencing, and adding value as a common hub for aggregating and integrating data resources for the Physical Sciences.

The online platform currently provides access to a number of state-of-the-art chemistry databases and tools for the benefit of the research community. However, the service is planning to extend its coverage into wider areas of physical sciences.

Further Information

The PSDS is a National Research Facility, funded by the EPSRC. The service is provided under grant number EP/S020357/1 by the School of Chemistry, University of Southampton, and the Scientific Computing Department, of the Science and Technology Facilities Council. It is a "free at the point of access" facility for all members (students and academics) of UK academic institutions.

Access to the Service is regulated by an Advisory Board, which reviews provision, performance and strategy.

The Service currently provides access to a suite of state-of-the-art chemistry databases and tools via the Scientific Computing Department's online platform. The database selection derives from the original Statement of Need for the Service from the community, and ongoing provision of each database is guided by our Advisory Board.

The PSDS is a successor to the Chemical Database Service (CDS), which was successfully provided by the The Royal Society of Chemistry.