Withdrawal of ACD/i-Lab

Dear Users,

As part of the evolution of the PSDS we are currently carrying out changes to our resource offering. As a result, from the 1st July, when our current license expires, the ACD/i-Lab platform will be withdrawn from the PSDS platform.

We are currently running a national trial of new ACD/Labs software including their property prediction software Percepta. This is a powerful piece of software which allows you to calculate of a variety of physicochemical (PhysChem) properties, ADME properties, and toxicity endpoints for your compounds. The trial results will feed into the future strategy of the service.

If you are interested in joining the trial and getting access to the Percepta software, please visit our ACD/Labs Software Trial page, where you can find more information and a link to register.


If you are not currently interested in the trial you can click the tile below to continue to ACD/I-Lab.


As we progress with the re-development of the service, we will be further changing the data offering and access methods and always welcome suggestions and feedback from our users. If you have any comments you can email us on support@psds.ac.uk