DETHERM is one of the world's largest thermophysical databases and contains data for:

  • 11,300,000 data items
  • 163,000 mixtures
  • 60,600 pure compounds

Where does the DETHERM data come from?

The complete DETHERM database consists of externally maintained packages:

  • Dortmund Data Bank (DDB)
  • Electrolyte Data Collection (ELDAR)
  • Thermophysical Database (INFOTHERM)
  • Thermophysical Parameter Database (COMDOR)
  • Data Collection (C-DATA)
  • Solubility Database (CAPEC-SDB)

What properties can be found within DETHERM?

  • Phase equilibrium data
  • Vapour pressures
  • Thermodynamic properties
  • Transport properties
  • Surface tensions
  • Electrolyte data

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