ACD/Labs Trial - Getting Started


Obtaining the licence files

Visit the PSDS ACD/Labs trial webpage and complete the trial registration form to sign up for the trial. Once this form is completed you will be emailed with a link to where you can download the ACD installation files as a .zip file. Please save this to your computer and unzip the files, then you can proceed with the installation of the ACD/Labs Software.

Installing the Software

This ACD/Labs software is only available for windows operating systems or through virtualization on MacOS. You can view the system requirements on the ACD/Labs hardware and software recommendations. The installation guide for the trial version of the software is available in this pdf file. During the installation process you will need to fill in your details to receive a license key. The license key that is emailed to you needs to be entered at the end of the installation process. 

Getting Help

Once installed the programs can be found in your Start Menu in the folder ‘ACDLabs'. Manuals are included with your software installation. There are two types of manuals; Tutorials will help you get started with the software, and Reference Manuals explain the details of how software commands and functions work. There are several ways to access manuals.

  1. Within the software open the help menu. Here you can find several different types of help files and manuals. Only the manuals for the software module that is open will be accessible (e.g., you won't be able to find ChemSketch manuals if you are in the Spectrus Processor window)
  2. If you are using a software function, and need the parameters in a dialog box explained, click Help in the bottom right corner.
  3. In the start menu choose All Programs, and then select ACDLABS, then select the GUIDES folder. Here are some user guides and reference manuals.
  4. Using Windows Explorer open your ACD/Labs installation folder, e.g., C:\Program Files\ACD64\. Open the DOCS folder, this contains some user guides.

There are also a selection of quick start guides available for different aspects of the ACD/Labs software. These can be accessed through the ACD/Labs trial webpage

Training Sessions

ACD/Labs will be running a series of free online training sessions to support this trial. In these sessions they will provide an introduction to each piece of software, and answer your questions.

Tues May 4th 1pm - NMR Data Handling
Learn how to import, process, view and report NMR data using ACD/Spectrus Processor, as well as predict NMR spectra of single components and mixtures with ACD/NMR Predictor Suite.

Weds May 5th 1pm - LC/MS Data Handling
An overview of handling LC/MS data with a focus on importing data and structures, peak detection, and creating reports in ACD/Spectrus Processor.

Thurs May 6th 1pm - Optical and Curve Data Handling
Learn how to handle optical (UV, IR) and curve data (TGA, DSC, XRPD, and Raman) in ACD/Spectrus Processor. See tools for importing data and structures, processing, viewing results and generating reports.

Mon May 10th 1pm - Chemical Structure Drawing and Nomenclature
An introduction to chemical structure drawing and chemical nomenclature using ACD/Name. The features highlighted will include drawing, editing, and naming structures.

Weds May 12th 1pm - PhysChem Predictions
Learn how to predict physicochemical properties in ACD/Percepta Suite including viewing prediction results for logP, pKa, logD, and aqueous solubility.

You can register for these training sessions on the ACD/Labs trial webpage


Now you should be all up and ready to get started using the ACD/Labs products! Don’t forget to make sure you save any work as you go along.

If you have any issues installing the ACD/Labs products you can contact PSDS support on