Access denied (old bookmark)

This URL is no longer active. The ability to access the content of PSDS from your academic institution's network without a login has been withdrawn. You will need to be logged in to access the resources. If you have reached this page from a bookmark please delete the bookmark and create a new bookmark once you are logged in.

To login click the login button in the top right menu, you will get two login options. The first (preferred) is to login in via your institution using Shibboleth. The second is to login via a PSDS-only username and password.

If you are logging in via your institutional login (shibboleth) for the first time you will see a form requesting some details about your usage.

If you are logging in via PSDS username and password for the first time please click on the Register button. You will see a similar form requesting details.

We have prepared some answers to some queries relating the to authentication changes on this FAQ page - if you have any queries you can also contact us on